Untitled Poem

Written 19-9-2012


She was so small
Too small
I caught a glimpse of her
White, white face
I turned away
Trying not to stare
In my side vision
I saw her struggle up the step
With her abaya,
Too long
Too black
around her fragility
as I strode by in my heels
steps digging in the marble
back straight
head high
heart sinking
ashamed at my thoughts
negative with pathetic self-pity, for what?
What was she thinking of?
What awful disease cripples her so?
What is she thankful for?
Should I offer my help?
She seems determined not to need me,
Or anyone else, who doesn’t notice her
In their race to catch the lift
Clumsily swiping access cards
Crippled by starbucks cups and iphones
I press the close button
Thankful to be alone
I stare at my reflection
A question in my eyes
Why did I walk past her?
I already know the answer
I inhale a heavy thank you
to the heavens
And hope that someone
Stopped to hold the elevator for her.