Till Searching Never Ends

Till Searching Never Ends


Where have they gone?

Do they sit? Do they speak?

Stranded on streets

where the lamp doesn’t shine

Listening to the swish

of the cars

through the rain

Thunder draws creases

on your forehead

but don’t despair.

Trials we part from

and trials they return.

Hold on to the

edge of the table

dig your hand in

let your convictions

be that firm.

Squirming in a puddle

of conceit and turquoise

learn to smile and

be free.

Claw at the limits

of your reaches

go further

to the place

where you find an

answer or the dark.

Lying in wait,

in no solace

in your timid unrest

push up to the sky

to the rain.

Smoke will rise

as sure as the

steps will pound

and searching never ends