And brave

Catapulting from day to day

No safety net

“No strings attached”

Never slowing down

Breaking through walls

Never breaking down

Neck on the line

Never shying down

Dodging bullets

No bulletproof vest

Unwavering attention

From the mission at hand

Racing holograms of enemies

Intent on hollow victories

Chasing phantom glories

And thick red carpets

Beneath their amateur feet

While others walk on glass

Bleeding, sweating, aching

For self-fulfilment

Sweet…. precious …..self-fulfilment

And nothing more

Perhaps a sincere thank you

Every now and then

a name rolling in small font

at the end of the credits

before the screen turns black

and the roar of applause thunders

and the spotlight is turned

on the superstars

on the red carpet

as a tired shadow

disappears in the crowds

September 2013