A majestic, yet humble, fortress
Rises from the powder soft dunes,
A perfect palace of illusion and oasis.
Embraced gently by the sun burnt sands,
Its delicate walls merge with
The earth and sky and air.
A seamless place, lost in time,
A reflection of the past,
A magical looking glass into an era gone by.
Its dreamy-eyed inhabitants float
In and out of its ever present reality.
Drenched in golden sunlight by day.
A star studded tent shelters it by night.
Its silence echoes peacefully
In every corner, on every sleepy pillow,
In the breeze and blowing sands,
In the ever changing shadows that linger beneath its archways,
In the creamy ripples of the dunes,
And the ethereal footsteps sprinkled among them.
Whispers of memories are carried on its breath
Far beyond its infinite borders,
Far beyond its dusty horizon,
Far far beyond…

Written March 4, 2011 in Qasr Al Sarab resort, UAE