Road to Nowhere

Road to nowhere
Written on Jan 8, 2014, 8am

No fingers tap on the wheel
Just a tight clenched fist
Unblinking, silent breath
Crawling through the mist

Seeking a familiar place
The mangroves I greet each day
Are no longer there
Vanished without a trace

Searching headlights up ahead
A guiding northern star
To tell me where I am
How near am I or how far

Roads become infinite
No start and leading nowhere
Clinging to my inch of asphalt
Hoping it leads me somewhere

No color in the landscape
Just endless ghostly grey
Road signs resigned and helpless
They too have lost their way

Short-lived relief and a sigh
Just as the cloud seems to lift
Before swallowing us again
And Again we aimlessly drift

Anywhere is everywhere
And nothing is everything here
In this prolonged hazy dawn
I am as far as I am near

Mist outside and mist within
I am neither here nor there
Where and when and what and why
Am I on this road to nowhere…