Follow Me

I need to share my world with you

Every moment of my waking day

Where and when and how and who

All in real time, no delay


Morning, noon, and middle of night

And every second in between

Snapshots filtered to perfect light

Float onto the social scene


Pancake breakfast, berries and cream

Fancy handbag, watch by the wheel

Dramatic selfie, living the dream

My status will tell how I feel


Available. Busy. At work or at school

Sorry can’t talk. But hey There! I’m here!

Just chilling by the pool

What’s up with you my dear?


I need to share my thoughts with you

Like. Don’t like. And like once more

Inst-ant. Face-less. Typing… you

A comment on the like you posted before


Hearts and thumbs up as I scroll

The pages of your public life

I follow as you take a stroll

With your lovely kids and wife


I may not yet be your friend

But I really know you so well

Do accept the request that I send

I don’t take rejection too well


I want to share my world with you

As you have shared with me

You know I will always follow you

As long as you follow me

written May 2016