Cocoa Island Maldives March 16-19,2016

I am a fish

I breathe under water

There is no other world outside this water

There is no sound but my slow steady breath

I float in a rainbow of color

I am weightless

Suspended in a thousand shades of blue

Currents drift

I drift with them

Turtles, eagle rays, lonely shark and me

Mesmerized and in awe

The colors that exist in this world don’t exist anywhere else

The other fish give me “dirty looks”

“what are you doing here?”

I smile under the surface

Light reflects on corals and white sand

The big blue on my right

Dropping off to a bottomless kind of blue

Sun quietly burns my skin

And I emerge as from a dream

Dazed and overwhelmed

Every fiber in me ALIVE

diary maldives

diary maldives2