Beyond The Glass

Beyond The Glass

May 2016


Building defenses

Systems and components

Of protection and strength

A shield of armor

Impenetrable and strong

Agile and resistant

To incompetence and dust


Building bridges

To the outside world

Be it near or far

In mind, on paper

Looking through the glass

Seeking movement

And the sky


Building courage

From sand and sun

Calculating risk in minutes and years

Holding the Hands of time

Future in sight

Clearly blurred

But there nonetheless


Building dreams

Of color and hope

Of meaning and purpose

Beyond concrete and glass

And this cold white desk

A journey awaits

Patient and free


Building a future

Drawing it near

Through seasons of fog

And hesitation and doubt

Spring will prevail

As the journey continues

Into lands yet uncharted


Building a world

With passion and heart

Leaving the shallow shores

For deeper blue

Beyond the black horizon

To be masters

Of our fate